NEW ROUGETTE Bon·fire Grilling Cheeses
are specialty cheeses made just for the grill!


All-natural ROUGETTE Bon·fire Cheeses can be prepared on charcoal, gas, electric, as well as on the stove top or oven.

Soft-Ripened Grilling Cheese is made to be heated directly on the grill – just like a burger! The soft ripened cheese can withstand the direct heat without melting or sticking to the grill. The cheese develops a char-grilled, golden crispy outside and a warm & creamy soft inside. An excellent grilling choice for vegetarians and cheese lovers alike!


Herb Marinated Grilling Cheese - A savory and creamy semi-soft cheese marinated in herbs and oil that comes in a convenient aluminum pan for easy preparation and grilling. The cheese softens when warmed and has versatile party menu applications: it can be warmed on both sides and then diced to toss into salads, layered with grilled vegetables for one-pan main course, or it can be melted into a hot dip, perfect for a crowd.