The mark of fine cheese


Käserei Champignon is a family owned company making the finest specialty cheese for over 100 years. The first cheese produced was a Camembert, which had an earthy, mushroomy flavor profile, which became the inspiration for the Champignon name.

Over the years, more cheeses were crafted and perfected and the company expanded production to include soft-ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses, blue cheeses and recently ROUGETTE Bon·fire Grilling Cheeses.

Today, we bring our specialty cheeses to people around the world, yet we are still family-owned and are deeply rooted in the Allgäu. We maintain production in Bavaria and continue to source our milk from the local farms that have been supplying Käserei Champignon for generations.

Our cheeses are crafted by master cheese makers trained in technical expertise and the artistry of affinage to create cheeses of exceptional quality and taste. Our recipes have been handed down and perfected over our company's hundred year history of cheese making. A Käserei Champignon cheese is a mark of high quality, innovation, and craftsmanship.